AR Hunting Consultant

Mid Asian Ibex

 Ibex Hunt in Kyrgyzstan per 2 or 4 Hunters Together.

This Hunt Includes:

  •     5 hunting days + 1 Ibex.
  •     Visa & gun import permit for Kyrgyzstan
  •     International veterinary certificate for each Ibex.
  •     English-speaking interpreter, other language interpreters are also available.

You will be traveling via Turkey Istanbul to Bishkek.

If the hunter fails to harvest an Ibex, the outfitter refunds $1500.

American hunters usually bring their trophies back with them on the same flight.

Best time is rut season mid November until mid December. Season is from 15th August until 25th November & again from 7th January until 1st of March.


    50% down and 50% balance upon arrival.