AR Hunting Consultant


Australia Water Buffalo

Hunt the Northern Territory for water Buffalo, bantang & pigs. We have the biggest gold medal buffalo concessions available with 6 different camps to hunt from, all exclusively managed under one Professional hunter / outfitter.

7 day Gold medal water Buffalo hunts are available.

  • Scrub bulls & pigs can be added at a very low price, Molluccan Rusa can be arranged in this area on a private Farm.
  • This will include all guiding, meals, ground transportation from Darwin airport and back to airport, filed dressing of skins, salting.

Not included: Shipping of trophy & permit documentation and crating. Also optional transportation by air is not included. Helicopters can be added during the hunt at a fair price. Hunters can use the outfitters rifles for the cost of the ammunition.

Hunters can add cull hunts for camels, pigs, donkeys, and other for a moderate price.

Australia Deer Hunting

Hunters can travel south to Sydney or Adelaide after completing their water buffalo hunt in the Northern territories to add to their collection some fine deer species such as the famous Red stag, Rusa deer, Sambar deer, fallow deer, axis deer, hog deer, & goats.

These hunts are mostly on private farms; some free ranging hunting is available and must be arranged with ample time upon booking.

Preferred dates

Water Buffalo
Red deer, Sambar deer, Axis/Chital deer
Hog deer, Fallow Deer
Javan & Molluccan Rusa
Goat & wild boar hunts
May to October
February to August
February to August
April to November
Any time